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Adult Fashionable Sling

(19th November, 2010)

We Offer Luxurious Cashmere & Other Fabrics. Please Call For Special Requests.

  • Great Accessory
  • Soft Shoulder Strap Pad
  • Fits Left or Right Arm
  • Velcro Closures
  • Double-lined
  • Side Buckle
  • Fits men and women

Teresa is excited to present her beautiful collection of Designer Healthcare products. As the pioneer of healthcare fashion, Teresa sincerely embraces the spirit of healing with her choice of colors, warm textures & her true sense of style.

“When I injured myself many years ago, I discovered a need in the marketplace for a more attractive product line. The inspiration was the simple love of helping others & wanting to create beautiful products that enhance healing.”

It is our goal to spread good-will & lift your spirits. Teresa products is trusted and respected by healthcare providers everywhere.
We guarantee all products against defects in workmanship and materials. For any questions, please call (877) 536-2401 or email at:

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Products are:
• Designed to hold arm in place
• Helps support the weight of the arm
• Provides firm yet comfortable support
• If pain persists discontinue use &
consult a physician
• Always consult a medical professional
for advice about treatment or injuries

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