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We are happy to present our unique fashionable product line. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. Our company is focused on the design of high fashion, colorful healthcare products and accessories. (Non-pharmaceutical).  And now with our new License with Major League Baseball, Teresa is well on her way to being recognized as a trend setter in the health care industry. As the pioneer of healthcare fashion, we truly pride ourselves on selling a product that lifts your spirits, restores dignity and creates a feeling of joy and happiness.  Color, Style and warm textures are synonymous with the Teresa Brand. We also would like to thank former Met Baseball player Art Shamsky for gathering his baseball buddies Ron Blomberg (Yankees) Ron Darling, and Gil Hodges Jr. to come in and assist with our promotions for our MLB product line. We also donate to all teams for MLB.  Dressing the best athletes in their field will certainly enhance our brand and is testimony of the superior quality we offer.

We thank Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Howard Luks , Chief of Sports Medicine at Westchester Medical Center for his advice and friendship.

We sell to wholesalers and distributors who sell to pharmacies, DME, retail chains, hospitals, physician offices, schools and the end-user.   Our team is primarily focused on the design, development & innovation of high quality and colorful medical supplies, orthopedic supplies, leather bags and lifestyle accessories. It is our goal to revolutionize the look of healthcare. We strive to create and reengineer products that enhance the products benefit & function without compromising beauty and style.


Teresa, considered a trend setter in the industry  was the first to pioneer & develop a new exciting product category of fashion and color within the healthcare industry; her fashionable brand excited consumers world-wide. As she set out to change the look of healthcare products and to provide a face lift to existing products in the market-place.  She has received numerous accolades in the press and news for her product innovations. In the first phase of her company, actor Billy Bob Thornton came in to help her promote her brand and introduced Teresa to John Travolta who endorsed her brand for charity along with Jon Voight & Jeff Goldblum. Countless others have either worn or purchased for a family member (Dennis Quaid & Jerry Seinfeld to mention a few) The Teresa Brand is quickly becoming the number one choice for consumers of all age groups. Our goal is to appeal to fashion conscious consumers who want to feel & look better during the healing process. Our quality, workmanship and style are far superior to those in existence today.  There was not one single provider manufacturing fashion or couture when Teresa’s brand first hit the market-place in the early 90’s. Due to knock-offs- we had to think fast on our feet before others came in to copy her fashions and ideas.  The demand was overwhelming as many nurses, doctors and care providers asked her to design new products for their clinics.  Our products are in demand full season; however we will capitalize on market trends to change our products prints and textures to reflect the yearly trends. Something that is unique within the medical field. To date, the consumer has a very medicinal product offering. The Teresa brand has clearly revitalized healthcare and she is recognized as a pioneer and a designer in her field.  Her signature style and design talent as well as creating products that offer natural healing attributes are the hallmark of all her brand and now with license of Major League Baseball she can further extend her vision to capitalize on sports and fashion accessories and dress the top athletes in their field. We sincerely hit a home-run with MLB!   Teresa has also donated post 911 to the hospitals, to aids and to Veterans. Always civic minded, her corporation and company is a culture of giving.  It is our goal to provide happiness and to sell products that truly lift your spirits. A former editor, activist and actress, Teresa designed her products due to an injury that occurred while competing in sports, she saw a tremendous gap in the market place.

Product Line

The product line includes; 1) MLB Ball Park Canes  2) Adult arm slings in 5 sizes  3) Children arm slings in 4 sizes in a variety of styles  4) Cane hand grip cover, 5) Walker hand grip covers 6) Wheelchair pad covers  7) Crutch pad accessories  8) Designer Walker bag  9) Major League Baseball Product line. 10)) Wheelchair bags with MLB logos.

About Teresa:

Teresa was the driving force behind her own public relations firm in Los Angeles prier to her design career, she handled the press careers of high profile celebrities (The Carradine Family, The Young & the Restless and many others) and at the same time was a contributing editor for 5 publications traveling the country interviewing folks like Willie Nelson, Bill Shatner and hundreds of celebrities, directors and producers. She has slept out on the Whitehouse lawn in zero degree temperatures with Dennis Quaid and Brian Denehy to raise money for the homeless and has coordinated events for the Special Olympics and other charities and had a starring role in a film where she actually played a seamstress in a factory!

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