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• Beautiful 5 color packaging for retail setting with center-cut hole for hanging (Box & Poly Bag) with display headers

• Packaged for in poly bag for Physician /Hospital setting

• We can tailor a planagram for your store.

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“We have been buying from Teresa for over five years & we are delighted that her company is growing.” – Arthur’s Pharmacy, Florida

“Teresa has the best arm slings in the market; the choice of fabrics & colors sell themselves.” – Ralph Pascani, C.O. Bigalow Chemist, New York, NY

“Our customers love her crutch, cane and walker covers. The colors, the comfort & the style is exceptional.” – Pill Box Pharmacy,  Pembroke Pines, FL

“We have been purchasing Teresa products for many years. Not only are they well made & stylish, we recommend her products to everyone hat wants to look better while healing.” – Julie Muradyan, Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies, California

It is our goal to spread good-will & lift your spirits. Teresa products is trusted and respected by healthcare providers everywhere.

We guarantee all products against defects in workmanship and materials. For any questions, please call (877) 536-2401 or email at:

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